SAB specialises in precision mechanical machining of complex parts for the aerospace industry. Since this is an extremely complex sector that requires a high degree of accuracy and specific expertise, we’ve gained valuable experience in many different areas over the years.

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Precision Machining

One of the main factors when producing parts for the aerospace industry is safety, and every aircraft-related project must meet the highest standards. Human error has no place in the production and assembly of an aircraft, since even a minor flaw could have devastating consequences.

Precision machining is crucial for aerospace applications, as the industry’s production standards are extremely stringent. Components require ultra-precise dimensions, and tolerances are extremely low, because aerospace demands the highest performance of any field.

With its cutting-edge equipment, qualified technicians and tailored-made services, SAB can produce prototypes and components for any aerospace need.

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Metal Carpentry for MGSE

Modules and satellites on the International Space Station are developed with specific mechanical and electrical ground equipment to handle, integrate, test and transport them, referred to as mechanical ground support equipment (MGSE) and electrical ground support equipment (EGSE).

Designing, building and qualifying MGSE requires a high degree of precision and expertise in every step. SAB taps into its long-standing experience and expertise to design and manufacture metal carpentry components for MGSE.

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Aerospace Component Assembly and Integration

Aerospace assembly means building and integrating different aircraft and spacecraft components and requires multiple parts and technologies for a single unit. SAB sepcialises in assembling and integrating aerospace components to improve aircraft safety and performance.