Benevento Headquarters

SAB Aerospace headquarters are in Benevento, Italy, 230 kilometres south of Rome. The site includes 400 sqm of offices and 600 sqm of workshops with an integration area and test centre.

The Benevento testing laboratory houses a Vibration Test Centre, equipped with a 49-kN electrodynamic shaker system installed inside a 100-sqm ISO8 certified clean room, with a 1-tonne lifting crane to handle the test components. SAB can simulate the following excitations:

  • Sine
  • Sine dwell
  • Resonance tracking
  • Sine on random
  • Random
  • Random on random
  • Transient (classical shock and SRS) from 4 to 3kHz

The whole system is controlled and managed with the VibrationView software of the Vibration Research Corporation. The digital control and data acquisition system is made up of 8, VR8500 modules with a total of 32 acquisition channels, expandable on demand. A large range of ICP accelerometers of PCB Piezotronics is available.

Whenever possible, testing and hardware qualification are conducted in-house. SAB performs off-site tests at major European test centres with whom it has established partnerships. The Benevento facility is undergoing a significant expansion and will soon be equipped to provide drop tests, thermal-vacuum tests, and MoI and CoG measurements.

In addition to the test laboratory, the Benevento site hosts a 200-sqm mechanical workshop housing CNC milling machines for the manufacturing of complex parts. Here, the company produces components for its own applications and made-to-order products on behalf of customers from traditional materials like plastics (PEEK, TECAFLON, SINTIMID PUR, NYLON), alloys (aluminium, titanium) and steel (including stainless steel).


The SAB Aerospace office in Milan is the company’s marketing hub.


SAB’s cutting-edge facility, spanning an impressive 800 square meters, is strategically located on the outskirts of Bucharest, offering convenient access to the international airport. Within this comprehensive space, SAB RO houses both the engineering offices, facilitating close monitoring of the manufacturing area by our skilled engineers, and a fully equipped environment designed to bolster our Additive Manufacturing operations and our Materials laboratory.


In 2009, SAB Aerospace acquired an additional premises in Ancona, on the Adriatic coast of Italy. The centrally located site houses 250 sqm of modern offices.