Nanosatellites are typically compact, lightweight, and simplified in their design. SAB Aerospace is at the forefront of the growing nanosatellite industry for modern space applications. Deployers for nanosatellites are essential components that enable the efficient and reliable deployment of small satellites.

Nanosatellite deployers are designed to release and deploy nanosatellites into space from a launch vehicle. They are crucial components of the launch process, as they ensure the controlled and precise release of small satellites into their intended orbits. Different deployers are used depending on the size and form of the nanosatellites being launched.

SAB Aerospace’s nanosatellite deployers are meticulously engineered to ensure precise and efficient deployment of these cost-effective satellites into their designated orbits.

Deployers are integrated into the payload fairings of launch vehicles, ensuring that the nanosatellites are protected during launch and are released at the appropriate point in the mission.


One of the most common nanosatellites are CubeSats, which have a standard size and form. CubeSats are built in multiples of 10 x 10 x 10 centimetres and are modularised so they can form larger configurations.

SAB Aerospace has proven expertise in producing reliable deployers for CubeSats and other nanosatellite configurations. By tailoring technology to the unique demands of nanosatellites, SAB Aerospace has streamlined the process of launching and deploying these versatile assets.

Some deployers are equipped with additional features, such as small thrusters or deployable solar panels, to assist nanosatellites in achieving their desired orbits and performing their missions. They include interlocks to prevent accidental deployments and ensure that the nanosatellites are securely held in place until the designated deployment phase.

Cost-Efficiency Through Customised Solutions

SAB Aerospace is equipped to customise deployers based on mission requirements. This not only ensures a perfect fit for a variety of nanosatellite sizes and configurations but also maximises payload capacity, optimising launch costs. The company’s commitment to flexibility and adaptability allows aerospace organisations to achieve greater efficiency in their satellite deployment strategies.

SAB Aerospace doesn’t just provide deployers –– the company offers strategic deployment planning that aligns with the financial objectives of its aerospace partners. Through meticulous mission analysis and collaboration, SAB helps clients optimise satellite constellations, maximising the payload of satellites on a given launch and reducing overall costs.

Cost-Efficiency Through

The smaller size and simplified design of nanosatellites allow for faster development cycles. This is advantageous for projects with time constraints or those aiming to demonstrate new technologies quickly.

Nanosatellites can be deployed for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Observation
  • Scientific research
  • Technology demonstration
  • Communication

Their smaller size allows for agile and versatile mission profiles. Nanosatellites offer the advantage of being able to form secondary payloads on larger launch vehicles through rideshare programmes. This makes it more accessible for smaller organisations to launch their satellites into orbit.