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A Leader in Design, Development and Delivery

Founded in 2004, SAB Aerospace is a private and independent Italian SME operating in the European aerospace field with facilities across Italy. The company has rapidly consolidated its reputation as a leading manufacturer of aerospace components.

SAB Aerospace is a European Space Agency-registered supplier with major clients across the European space industry, industry leaders like OHB, Thales and Airbus. With a focus on custom engineering for small systems with electronic, mechanical, thermal, software and system integration, SAB is a viable and valuable alternative to larger companies in the field.

SAB can react quickly to changes in the technological environment and cater to aerospace operators’ specific and fast-evolving needs.

SAB’s core business includes thermomechanical design, development, and manufacturing innovative and affordable mechanical systems, subsystems and services for launchers and satellites.

In addition to the mechanical design activity, SAB also supports its customers with integration and develops mechanical ground support equipment. In addition to flight components, SAB creates parts for the integration and ground reclamation of satellite platforms. It also develops microgravity facilities.

At SAB Aerospace, we are dedicated to pioneering advancements in the space sector. Our team is passionately engaged in developing cutting-edge products and delivering innovative services that propel the boundaries of space exploration. As we navigate the cosmos of possibilities, our commitment remains steadfast-to provide solutions that inspire, transform and contribute to the evolution of space exploration.

A European Company

SAB has recently expanded its operations into bases in Eastern Europe, transforming its operation from an exclusively Italian enterprise into a larger international group, with branches in Czechia (SAB Aerospace Sro) and Poland (SAB Aerospace Spzoo).

In 2020, SAB opened a new operational headquarters in Mogosoaia, Romania, with a production plant based on ALM machines.

The objective of this state-of-the-art manufacturing plant is to reduce industrial costs and simplify the manufacturing process for components with complex geometries.