With over 20 years of experience, we are experts at managing every project in the best way possible.

We provide external assembly, integration and testing services. Starting from the project specifications, we qualify your flight’s hardware by performing all the mechanical tests needed in house, if feasible, or in major European Test Centres.

The service includes PA supervision and preparation of all necessary documents. SAB-certified operators are available for mechanical assembly and integration activities.

Space Robotics for In-Orbit Servicing Infrastructure

In-orbit servicing is fundamental to make the space environment sustainable and reduce maintenance costs on existing space infrastructure.

SAB Aerospace develops complex mechanisms, such as satellite release systems and grabbing systems for target capture.

Explore our broad range of solutions for the space industry

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Environmental Testing

SAB’s long-standing expertise is key in providing several types of environmental tests.
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Mechanical Hardware

The aerospace industry has always been a forerunner for new technology and innovation, and the ability to reduce construction weight is a major advantage in this field.
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Sandwich Honeycomb Panels

Sandwich honeycomb panels (i.e. sandwich panels with a honeycomb core) are widely used in the aerospace sector, for aircraft interiors.
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Thermal Hardware

Thermal management systems manage heat loads and provide temperature and humidity control.
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Mechanical Integration of Satellites

SAB’s Integration facility is built in a 100,000 class cleanroom space and equipped with a 1-ton lifting crane for handling the various parts and assembled systems.
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Mechanical Parts Manufacturing

SAB specialises in precision mechanical machining of complex parts for the aerospace industry.
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