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S.A.B. Aerospace core business is focused on the development of mechanical space systems, subsystems and mechanisms for Satellites and Launchers. Starting from project requirements SAB can perform design, structural and thermal analyses, manufacturing and environmental tests up to the qualification process, including project office activities.


SAB Aerospace specialises in tailored satellite solutions, managing the entire process from design to integration. Our services include meticulous thermal subsystem analysis and design, along with advanced Li-ion Rechargeable Modular Batteries for reliable power during critical satellite phases.


SAB Aerospace is the design authority responsible for the development, manufacturing, testing and recurring activities of the SSMS (Small Spacecraft Mission Service) Dispenser for Arianespace. The SSMS Dispenser has been developed to optimise multiple small satellite missions on VEGA and VEGA-C launchers.


Specialising in CubeSats and nanosatellites, SAB Aerospace offers reliable deployers. The SA4S system ensures secure attachment and precise deployment, accommodating various satellite sizes. SAB Aerospace also excels in developing debris removal systems with remote-controlled robotic arms equipped for precise manoeuvres.


In an ISO 8 clean room, SAB Aerospace employs advanced mechanical ground support equipment (MGSE) to ensure proper handling, testing, and integration of satellites in preparation for launch. The facility is equipped with essential systems, including specialised tools like trolleys, cranes, lifts and hoisting devices.


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Environmental Testing

SAB’s long-standing expertise is key in providing several types of environmental tests.
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Mechanical Hardware

The aerospace industry has always been a forerunner for new technology and innovation, and the ability to reduce construction weight is a major advantage in this field.
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Sandwich Honeycomb Panels

Sandwich honeycomb panels(i.e. sandwich panels with a honeycomb core) are widely used in the aerospace sector, for aircraft interiors.
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Thermal Hardware

Thermal management systems manage heat loads and provide temperature and humidity control.
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Mechanical Integration of Satellites

SAB’s Integration facility is built in a 100,000 class cleanroom space and equipped with a 1-ton lifting crane for handling the various parts and assembled systems.
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Mechanical Parts Manufacturing

SAB specialises in precision mechanical machining of complex parts for the aerospace industry.
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ISO 9001: 2015

SAB Aerospace operates to the highest levels of precision and quality. Our products and services conform to the most stringent international standards and regulations.

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