SAB Aerospace is the design authority responsible for the development, manufacturing, testing and recurring activities of the SSMS (Small Spacecraft Mission Service) Dispenser for Arianespace. The SSMS Dispenser has been developed to optimise multiple small satellite missions on VEGA and VEGA-C launchers.

SSMS Dispenser_2

SSMS Dispenser

The SSMS Dispenser, coupled with the VEGA AVUM (Attitude Vernier Upper Module), provides maximum flexibility for rideshare missions, allowing multiple satellite releases in different orbits with different altitudes and/or inclination changes.

Rideshare programmes contribute to cost-effectiveness in space missions. By allowing multiple payloads to share a single launch, the expenses associated with individual satellite launches are reduced. The programme offers a range of launch options for small and microsatellites, making space more accessible for a diverse set of space missions.

The SSMS Dispenser is a modular structure which can be flexibly configured to accommodate different sizes and configurations of small satellites. This adaptability allows it to cater to a variety of mission requirements and payload specifications.

Dispensers and Payload Adapters: Key Players in Launch Success

Dispensers and payload adapters are vital components in space launch vehicles, responsible for orchestrating the efficient deployment of small satellites into their designated orbits.

Dispensers and Payload

Dispensers specialize in releasing CubeSats and other small payloads and often accompany larger satellites on a single launch mission. Positioned between the primary payload and the launch vehicle’s upper stage, dispensers ensure cost-effective and sequential deployment.

Payload adapters guarantee secure attachment and proper alignment during launch. They accommodate diverse payload sizes and contribute to the launch vehicle’s structural integrity. Featuring separation systems, payload adapters enable controlled releases, preventing collisions and ensuring each satellite reaches its orbital position.

SAB Aerospace provides engineering, system AIT and project support from the Czech office for Arianespace’s small satellite rideshare programme.